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Explainer Video

Your company has a product or offers a service but you worry that people don’t recognize its core value? Why not share an explainer video, completely animated, so that it is easier for your customers to understand? Explainer videos vary between 30 to 120 sec and can be used not only in your social media channels, but can also be shown to your investors.


Vlog Editing

Are you a vlogger? Then you know how time consuming it is to edit your footage. Imagine how easier it can be for you if you just shoot and then send the raw clips to us to edit, while you get the most valuable thing in the world - more time. You can focus on producing more content, brainstorm more ideas, develop your brand identity further or simply, perform your daily tasks. What are you waiting for?


Product Video

Do you have a product but no place where you can shoot it so that you can showcase it better? Well, send it to us and we will take care of everything by creating a special product video for you. Of course, if you already have some footage, we can always incorporate it so that your needs are met. These types of videos are usually between 30-60 sec and you can post them on a variety of social media platforms.

Promo/Social Media Video

Do you want to establish a better presence in your social media channels? Then, you definitely need a social media promo video which will present your brand to the world and put you on the map. Videos are short  & sweet, suitable for IG, FB, Linkedin, YouTube.


Corporate Videos

Is your company conference going to be online this year? How about your monthly training? Webinars, speaker sessions and any other type of events are now held online. Instead of recording the meetings and then sharing the link to participants, you can now send it to us so we can create special videos for you by adding your logo, music, intro/outro so you can later impress the participants. We can also produce highlight videos from your event so you can post on different social media channels and attract more followers. Tell us what you need, we will design it.

Speaker Video

Are you a mentor or a coach? No matter the industry you want to develop in, social media speaker videos are powerful tools which you can use to send your message to a wider audience and reach more people who might require your advice/help, etc. Tell us what you want or send us your personal footage, and we will create a compelling video for your channel, capable of captivating your audience and engaging with it.


Facebook/IG/YouTube Ads

Ads are everywhere but in reality, how many of them are actually seen? If you need an exclusive ad for your brand, share with us how you imagine it and we will put your idea in a video between 15-60 sec so you can attract more customers.

Story Editing

Do you want the stories you post on Instagram to become better and more engaging? We will help you by creating up to 15 sec videos based on your requirements which you can use and post on your profile.


TikTok Editing

It is true that you can create videos yourself while using TikTok but to stand out, you will need better footage, better transitions, better animations and better content in general as it is already quite crowded there. How to achieve it? Contact us immediately, so we can help you.

All services are available per project (video) basis, but we highly recommend to take advantage of our subscription based plans. To learn more about them send us a quick message.